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Submitted on
January 14, 2011
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terror held shackles over our blue skins
dancing behind the cold moon
breaking our lungs in two.
the winged men hid in holes
tight air beneath hard-packed ground
where they breathe.
right under our feet,
we hear them.
freezer bones and casket grief
lingering around our faces.
i'm sorry.

desperate for the warmth of
fire sighing in our veins,
we run.
we are pretend guns
shooting pure finger-flooded
bullets into windows.
think i shot the man behind
the porch lattice dead
without meaning it,
without wanting it,
running still.
maybe dead from the wind in the tree limbs
and not my cold metal hand
not metal at all but
warm and blooded, leeching.
i'm sorry.

august, i felt your necromantic love like
that ocean chill
salt spicing air
gripping me.
it turns stale and drafty
in old photographs of us
smiling, holding hands.
the old war movies
still spin in my head
to remind me of when i didn't
have you and the sour, bloody
taste of metal comes tumbling
almost dead,
we've got a ghost in our
hands, january.
i'm sorry.

july covered spines like
mid-summer snow.
we had bared legs and
small breaths to keep
the terror away.
but even after all this
time they've stayed
locked in their coffins
drinking up the rain.
it's so foggy i can't breathe
but just before it gets too
clogged in my throat you say,
"i'm sorriest."
jump into that water and see for yourself,
take a deep breath and hold it in, hold it in

she's got a secret and she wants to tell
but i made a promise to hold it in, hold it in

baby i'm in love and maybe it's not to tell
only thing that i can do is hold it in, hold it in

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ilyilaice Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
That last line was particularly compelling.
breathingglassstars Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011   Writer
thank you thank you<3
Only-Another-Wraith Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011  Student Writer
i'm in love with this.
i wish i could quote my favourite bit but i can't. i love them all.
breathingglassstars Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011   Writer
thank you so veryvery much:heart: i'm glad :hug:
Atropaean Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011
i found the first stanza most interesting because until the poem goes on, winged men could mean flighty men who leave fast, free men, or angels, etc, so stanza I makes for a poem that could go various ways and begs to be elucididated. fire sighing was a great line.

in the taste of metal part, i liked to think of it as relating to metal shackles in line one, which is a neat association that can be made, in examining everythng metal in the poem, also relating back to the metal hand that is not metal at all.

the contradiction plays itself out larger to make interest arise in the concept here of almost defensive aggression really, while apologizing. i think emotionally it captures a real experience to have this contradiction
breathingglassstars Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011   Writer
ahh, thank you so much! your comments are always so insightful and wonderful and it's great :heart:

i'm glad you thought the contradiction worked out because honestly i wasn't really sure about it(:
londonrey Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011
wow, this is incredible.
that last line is.. it's really someting grand.
the second stanza was my favorite i think, i really connected with this.. your message isn't as "buried" maybe, as you think.
breathingglassstars Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011   Writer
awh thank you sososo much<3
i'm really glad you like it!
londonrey Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011
you're welcome so much!!!
breathingglassstars Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011   Writer
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